Financial Strategy & Wealth Management

Our Philosophy

"I started the firm in 2012 after working in both private equity and at a large regional investment firm. Those first 4 years of my career opened my eyes to the industry, and I saw the good and bad. I took what I learned from those experiences and decided I wanted to open my own firm to build something new. My goal was to change the way people’s money was managed in NWA. It was a bold move to say no more products, no more one-size-fit-all models, no more annuities, no more high fee mutual funds, no more generic advice, no more advice that only benefited the advisor and their firm and not the client, no more losing to the market every year. Instead, I'd have a firm that always puts the clients needs first, that actively manages money around a strategy that invests."
-Adam Kuettel


Our team


who we are

-An investment advisory firm with a global reach that is based in Bentonville, Arkansas. We have over 50 years of investing experience in-house. Our portfolio managers are highly accredited, with one portfolio manager having a APMA and the other a PhD in Finance and an MBA.

-The firm tailors strategies based from a financial plan to solve the problems and meet the goals of our clients. Our strategies are calculated through research, tested rigorously through proven methods, screened with eyes from years of experience, implemented deliberately and meticulously, and managed with daily oversight.  

-We serve high-net-worth families, retail supplier execs, business owners and institutions.

-We are a family business. This provides continuity so that you have comfort in knowing our firm will always be around. Professor is the fourth brother, and my mentor. This is our family taking care of yours.



standing out

Our strategic active management gives us the ability to react to markets in a timely manner, and to invest in areas where opportunities are at that moment. When you couple this management with our in-depth level of client consulting and service, you get an experience that is truly unlike any other in the area.


financial planning

What we do: 

We begin planning by discussing what goals you have in life from a financial perspective. These goals can be when and how to retire, an endowment for a child’s education, leaving an estate for heirs or funding charities. This planning forms the basis of a financial plan that takes into account your goals, financials, and how to build your current finances to meet those goals. We then optimize your portfolio and finances from a tax perspective, working with your current CPA or one of our CPA partners. Next we conduct risk planning by seeing what holes you have in your plan where you are exposed to risk, and use insurance to cover those gaps. We then work with our legal partners that specialize in estate planning to build out things like your trust and will to make sure you wishes are met on the passing of your assets from both a legal and tax standpoint. Your dollars are then invested at a risk level that is appropriate for your tolerance and meet your goals. 

How we do it: 

We work with the latest planning software that aggregates all your financial information in one place, as well as give you your own personal website to monitor your plan. We build the plan in this software and then we work with either your current CPA and Legal team or our own recommended partners to make sure that your plan is optimized from a tax and legal standpoint. After the initial work is completed we monitor your plan continuously and cover the progress at each of our meetings.

Retirement Planning

What we do: 

When is the right time to retire? Can I retire early? How much is enough money? Will I run out of money? Do I start a second career that I am passionate about?  Should I consult? Do I leave money to my kids? These are common questions clients ask when looking toward the second half of life. It's our job to answer those questions and give you confidence in the answer. The first step in retirement planning is to map out your goals that you want in retirement and make an assessment on the time frame needed to achieve them. We often find in doing this exercise that our clients can retire earlier than previously thought with the right planning. Second, we plan for retirement income through our waterfall approach. Our goal is to determine a dollar amount that you need in retirement, construct a portfolio that provides cash income, and then build it in a way so that we have confidence in it lasting through retirement.  

How we do it: 

The first part of retirement planning is the actual planning to get you to retirement and to achieve your goals. We do this through manual planning as well as using a robust suite of financial technology to calculate your plan. 

Building retirement portfolios is a different process from building a portfolio to beat the market. Rather than purely trying to make above-average returns, a retirement portfolio is designed to provide income throughout the second half of life. We do this through our waterfall method. There are three portions of the account: (1) A low-risk allocation that is designed to draw cash off on a frequent basis—this replaces a paycheck. (2) An interest-earning portion made up of assets with moderate risk. The interest generated cascades down into the low-risk portion to replenish cash pulled. (3) A portion that is invested in growth assets. When the capital gains are taken from this portion, they go into the second portfolio of interest earning assets. This process overtime allows continued growth of your assets while also providing consistent income. It also addresses the problem of how to generate income in a down market without eating into the principle.


What we do: 

We are active money managers that strategically tailor our portfolios to meet our client's needs. Our portfolios are founded on proven research, extensive testing and experienced trading. We have over 50 years of finance experience in-house, including a CFP and PhD. We are not restricted to any one asset class in our investments. We invest where we believe there is money to be made, not on a model someone is selling us. We invest in stocks, bonds, commodities, options, futures, forex, ETFs, ETNs, other money managers, funds, and private investments depending on what is appropriate for each client.    

How we do it: 

We start with an in-depth look at our client's risk tolerance, and we do this through cutting edge software that helps us actively match our client’s risk tolerance level with that of their own portfolio. We then design a strategy based off the client's risk/return profile that is made up of investments from where our research is telling us to go. We don't just have one strategy, we combine multiple strategies to blend returns to achieve high performance.   

Our strategies are carefully built over time. We are strong believers in combing the best research, whether that is from in-house or outside academia, with the best real world practices to begin an investment theory. Once a theory is established, it then has to pass our investment committee before it moves to testing. We then back test these strategies on paper to prove viability, and if it is viable we beta test with real money on a small scale. Only once all the hurdles are passed do we discuss these strategies with clients.