Client Service

- Actively update financial plan to reflect current wealth status 

- Quarterly, or at a frequency that you determine, review of all investments and strategies

- Active management updates 

- 24/7 availability to discuss concerns or needs

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Miles Witt Boyer
Estate Planning

- Analysis of your current estate plan and concerns

- Consult with estate attorney to build a comprehensive estate plan for efficient passing of wealth 

- Utilization of charitable trust, donor advised portfolios, and gifting considerations 

- Utilization of education planning techniques to fund children or grandchildren education goals.

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Miles Witt Boyer
Risk Management

- Analysis and risk management in portfolio construction

- Assessment of areas of risk, and ways to mitigate that risk through insurance instruments 

- Policy review program to provide objective assessments of current insurance policies in the life, disability, and long term care areas

- Insurance brokerage, where we shop all available carriers to find the best rate to fit you

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Miles Witt Boyer
Tax Planning

- Comprehensive review of your tax return to reduce taxable income 

- Implementation of tax managed solutions in your portfolio with non-qualified assets to reduce 

overall tax burden 

- Consult with your tax preparer

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Miles Witt Boyer
Retirement Planning

- Analysis of your income needs now and in the future 

- Develop and implement diversified segmented portfolios to fund current and future income needs 

- Establish for you a good degree of certainty to where you will stand in retirement financially

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Miles Witt Boyer
Investment Management

- Develop a written Investment Policy Statement to define investments objectives and risks 

- Written risk and return parameters for investment portfolios 

- Review investments and design personalized portfolios appropriate to your goals, timelines, and risk tolerance 

- Multiple levels of checks and balances and continuous monitoring of managers, investments,

and your portfolios

- Institutional level investment managers that bring the highest level of investment quality to your portfolio, as well as low pricing 

- Active asset management in all asset classes to take advantage of market movements

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Miles Witt Boyer
Financial Planning

- Establish goals and time frames around those goals 

- Develop written plan that takes into account your assets, liabilities, expenses, and goals 

- Create road maps with action steps to accomplish those goals 

- A continually updated personal financial statement that lets you monitor your progress towards those goals

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Miles Witt Boyer